Wired To Deliver Excellence

Kulkarni emphasises creating an ecosystem of empowerment and encouragement where the team delivers excellence

A heavy focus on automation, technology and processes has been key to Puretech Digital’s success in the last year. This has driven the award-winning full-service digital marketing agency’s results and brought about effectiveness across the firm’s portfolio. Being the vice president for digital at Puretech, Kedar Kulkarni has played a crucial role in pushing for tech-backed strategies for the company’s clients. 

Under his leadership, Puretech has been able to scale its business fourfold. Whereas the team at the agency has now grown three-fold and revenues through digital excellence have reaped three times profits in the business too.

Process Driven

Kulkarni’s strategies have concocted brand growth for the likes of HDFC Securities, British Council, Vijay Sales and HT Media. 

A stickler for processes, Kulkarni emphasises greatly on creating an ecosystem of empowerment and encouragement where the team delivers excellence with expertise. This has resulted in noteworthy results for Puretech Digital as its paid media and campaign management team now operates around 160 platforms and has scaled its media spending to over Rs 150 crore. And he manages to do all this while running a team of young and talented digital enthusiasts with an average age of 25 years.

Always On Mindset

While Kulkarni’s strengths are aplenty and make themselves apparent through the quality outcomes they help deliver at Puretech, there must be some weaknesses too. “My tendency to be a little too inclined towards my work and work-related responsibilities is my weakness,” he says.

Like most of the standout leaders of our time, Kulkarni has a hard time switching off his work brain too. “My mind is constantly processing plans, strategies and ways to help my team, clients and the organisation excel – even when I am away from work,” he adds.

Leading a business team that has scaled more than four times the business in the last year, both in size and value, highlights the nature and magnitude of the contributions Kulkarni has brought along with his role at Puretech Digital.

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