Zee Establishes Independent Advisory Committee To Safeguard Investor Interests

Dr. Satish Chandra, former High Court Judge assumes the Chair of the Committee. Independent Directors Uttam Prakash Agarwal and P. V. R. Murthy will also be included in the committee

The Board of ZEE Entertainment Enterprises (ZEE) has given its approval to establish an Independent Advisory Committee. This committee is tasked with reviewing and addressing the prevalent dissemination of misinformation, market rumors and speculation that have resulted in the formation of adverse public sentiment surrounding the company leading to the erosion of investor wealth.

Satish Chandra, former Judge of the High Court of Allahabad will serve as the Chair of the Committee. Additionally, the committee will include two Independent Directors of the company namely Uttam Prakash Agarwal and P. V. R. Murthy.

The Committee will autonomously offer recommendations regarding the measures and future steps essential for the Board to safeguard the interests of all company stakeholders. Periodically, the Board will seek the expertise and guidance of the Committee on these matters.

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