Zoho's "Made In India. Made For The World" Ad Campaign Is Inspired By The Nation's Cultural Diversity

Conceptualized in-house, the pan-India campaign is centered around Zoho's core belief that software-building is a timeless craft that is mastered over years of earnest practice.

Zoho's "Made in India. Made for the World" ad campaign

Zoho Corporation has relaunched its "Made In India. Made For The World" ad campaign, with Carnatic Raga Neelambari as the background score provided by singer and composer Vijay Prakash, and the voice-over by actor Vijay Raaz. 

"The confluence of the classical South Indian music with the rustic North Indian accent is what makes this new version representative of the heterogeneous nature of the country," said Raffic Aslam, Creative Director, Zoho Corp. "We hope that no matter who watches the ad from what part of the country, they will find elements that are both familiar and peculiar, and be able to relate to the concept of a beautiful amalgamation of diverse cultures."

The ad's tagline underscores that Zoho's products are built in India and sold across 180+ countries, serving 50 million+ users around the world. The campaign was relaunched because of its renewed relevance. Zoho's products were also the winner of the recently-conducted AtmanirbharBharat App Innovation Challenge in the Business (Zoho Books, Zoho Expense and Inventory) and Office (Zoho Workplace and Cliq) categories.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Zoho has adopted a survive-and-serve approach, where the focus of the company has shifted to figuring out ways to serve the local communities, country and the rest of the world. In April, Zoho had launched its Swadeshi Sankalp initiative to help various sectors like education, government, NGOs and businesses. The company is also opening satellite offices in villages of Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh in its goal of rural revival.