boAt, Reliance Digital Team Up To Introduce Smart Ring With 3D Hologram Projection

The 3D Hologram System is in Reliance Digital stores enhancing customer engagement and customisation

boAt, in partnership with Reliance Digital, unveils the boAt Smart Ring through innovative 3D hologram projections. The boAt Smart Ring seeks to transform interactions with technology and comes with a holographic projection aimed at highlighting the ring's new features.

The collaboration between boAt and Reliance Digital intends to transform the Indian retail landscape by introducing an immersive fusion of technology and innovation. The 3D Hologram Projection System is being deployed in Reliance Digital outlets in major metropolitan areas throughout India. This advanced system is engineered to offer customers an interactive and captivating experience through advanced 3D projections. 

"boAt and Reliance Digital have joined forces to create a first-of-its-kind Smart Ring Hologram in select stores, seamlessly blending technology with marketing," said Aman Gupta, Co-founder and CMO at boAt. "While boAt is known for its innovative audio & wearable, this partnership represents a true milestone, showcasing our commitment to pushing boundaries and offering customers an immersive, futuristic experience."

The 'Smart Ring,' offers an all-encompassing health and fitness tracking solution with a display of advanced functionalities to provide users with a holistic understanding of their health. The ring is crafted to deliver a personalised and immersive user experience, simplifying interactions and enhancing convenience.

The boAt Smart Ring is available at the Reliance digital outlets throughout India, delivering a heightened level of consumer engagement and customisation in the retail arena.