Reema Bhaduri

The author is the Editorial Lead at BW Businessworld. Majorly writes on marketing, advertising and experiential marketing. She closely looks upon the vertical of BW MarketingWorld.

Hershey Elevates Ankit Desai To A Global Role

Desai will now be reporting to Luigi Mirri, who serves as the Managing Director for India, China, and the Asia Pacific region

Epic Marketing Campaign Fails: The Tightrope Between Shock & Sensitivity

Recent campaign fiascos highlight the difficulty of blending bold creativity with authenticity and empathy, prompting industry experts to urge consumer-centric strategies in an era of heightened sensitivity

75% Of Total Gross Margin Is Reinvested In Marketing, Says Squadhelp's Darpan Munjal

In an exclusive conversation with BW Marketing World, Squadhelp's founder, Darpan Munjal unveils vision for 2024 with AI-powered branding, global expansion and innovative marketing strategies

Brands Embrace AI-infused Love With V-day Campaigns

Exploring the intersection of love and technology, brands harness AI to craft moments in the digital age, from personalised animated love stories to AI-generated entities

Breaking Silence: Broadcasting's Gendered Perspective

In radio's century-long journey, women's voices and challenges endure, with industry leaders advocating gender-neutral leadership and emphasising global awareness for women's progress

Archies Scores Big With Partnerships, Mascots For V-day Win

Varun Moolchandani, Executive Director, Archies reveals Valentine's initiatives, from their mascot, 'AMA' to AI marketing, in a year filled with surprises

How Life Is Changing For Crayons Post SME Board Listing

Chairman Kunal Lalani's vision drives Crayons Advertising's tech-infused success and future market dominance in 2024

Swati Bhattacharya To Move On From FCB India?

Bhattacharya is presently serving as the Creative Chairperson of FCB India

Smart Lock Screens Altering Mobile Marketing Methods?

Marketers embrace personalisation, engagement and impactful brand promotions through the smart lock screen cultivating consumer connections in the digital era

Indian Businesses Pivot Towards Sustainability

Indian market leaders prioritise authenticity and holistic strategies for a sustainable future; Maruti Suzuki and Haleon share insights on tailoring strategies for diverse consumer landscape