Reema Bhaduri

The author is the Editorial Lead at BW Businessworld. Majorly writes on marketing, advertising and experiential marketing. She closely looks upon the vertical of BW MarketingWorld.

Post World Cup High, Expectations Surge From IPL 2024

Capitalising on the digital wave post Men’s ICC World Cup, marketers embrace a new era of digital-led engagement and immersive fan experiences for IPL 2024 and T20 World Cup

Bisleri's 2024 Marketing Blueprint - Hydration, Sustainability, Global Growth

Bisleri's Head of Marketing, Tushar Malhotra shares exclusive insights with BW Marketing World on the company's 2024 marketing strategy, emphasising sports associations, sustainability, global expansions and more

50% Marketing Spends Is Allocated To TV Ads: Amit Mathur, Finolex Cables

Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, the company's turnover surged from 2700 crores to 4500 crores, reflecting a growth of 38% along with an additional growth of nearly 20%, reveals Amit Mathur, President-Sales and Marketing, Finolex Cables

The Ayodhya Wave: Marketing Lessons In Divine Light

In the aftermath of the Ayodhya Ram Temple Consecration, brands strategically position themselves for a lasting legacy, expecting to go beyond the immediate sensation, aiming for a lasting impact on brand loyalty and market positioning

Brands Celebrate Ayodhya's Ram Temple Consecration Ceremony

As the Ram temple consecration ceremony unfolds in Ayodhya, brands from diverse sectors weave a tapestry of devotion, sustainability and cultural celebration

Personalisation, Gen AI Transforms Consumer Connections

In the era of advanced technology, brands navigate the balance between personalised experiences and consumer privacy, as gen AI and data-driven personalisation take centre stage to meet the expectations of always online, Gen Z

Marketing Meets The Silver Screen

Brands harness iconic movie themes and characters for memorable marketing experiences in ad campaigns, tapping into the nostalgia and immersive storytelling of the silver screen

AI's Marketing Impact

Brand Talk's Ruhani Singh Mann predicts AI surge in 2024’s marketing toolkit

Gen Z, Tech Convergence

Google’s Ronak Sharma fuses creativity, data analytics, and tech to align with Gen Z

Breaking News: Damyant Singh Khanoria Moves On From OPPO India

Khanoria confirmed BW Marketing World that he moved on from Oppo India about a week ago