Bhaskar Ganguli

Being one of the co-founders of Mass Software Solutions Pvt Ltd, Mr. Bhaskar Ganguli has always been connected with diverse technical and technological backgrounds. Operating as the Director of Marketing and Sales, his current role in the company comprises duties such as exploring contracting opportunities and connecting with other emerging IT solutions providers. In addition, he also manages the company’s communications aspect to enhance brand awareness and positioning while accessing arising opportunities in the international markets. Mr. Bhaskar completed BSc. in economics from Calcutta University. Later on, he pursued a PGD in Information Technology from the Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE). Starting his career as a web designer, he hopped on to undertake management roles specifically in the field of marketing and sales in later stages of his professional career. Bolstered with expertise in Mobile application development, Search Engine Optimization, Digital Marketing, Web Development and E-commerce solutions among other domains, he emphasizes leaving an indelible mark on the employees and customers he is working with in the industry. Always fascinated by the applications of the internet and technology, Mr. Bhaskar took a decisive leap that saw him transitioning from core economics to Information Technology by creating Mass Software Solutions with other co-founders. His passion to create something of his own, with unmatched passion for technology at the forefront, laid the foundation of the company. Influenced by the industry leaders such as Ratan Tata and Steve Jobs, he wants his company to produce innovative solutions for the community while holding hands with honesty and integrity. A pragmatic leader who believes in empowering others, Mr. Bhaskar likes to lead from the front and appreciates the workforce whenever necessary. He describes failures to be an integral part of leadership and believes in taking responsibility for actions as a fulfillment of the duty.

Role Of AI In Digital Marketing & Its Impact In The Digital World

Digital marketing has been significantly impacted by AI, which has changed how firms approach marketing and assisted them in achieving their marketing objectives more successfully