Himani Agrawal

Senior Vice President - Product & Analytics- Hypothesis

Guidebook To Maximise Campaign ROI During Festive Season

By integrating strategies, focusing on influencer marketing, and adapting in real-time, brands can navigate the competitive landscape and maximise this lucrative time of year, writes Himani Agrawal

Outsourcing Artificial Intelligence Is The Key To Unlock Unprecedented Efficiencies

For brands, outsourced AI refers to employing third-party AI solutions or partnering with AI service providers to augment their marketing efforts, writes Himani Agrawal

Why Are Brands Driving Into NFTs?

The rapid evolution of the internet of things(IoT) has made possible the most exciting digital development that has paved the way for the emergence of new forms of assets called the NFTs( non-fungible tokens). NFTs have become increasingly popular with unprecedented profits, reinvention of asset ownership and creation of virtual communities from different parts of the world