Jay Rathod

Founder, Goal2Learn & Koffeetech

2023: Influencer Marketing Is At A Fascinating Point Right Now

In the age of social media, it is obvious that influencers indirectly affect consumers' decisions to purchase products, and that consumers do so when they hear favorable reviews of those products

How Brands Altering Their Marketing Strategies In Response To The Modern Age

Brands aren't afraid to go all out when it comes to designing and innovating fascinating and attention-grabbing films. There's an underlying rivalry among brands to create the year's largest, most imaginative standout campaign

How Digital Marketing Enhancements Make Shopping More Convenient For Consumers

Consumers have more purchasing options than ever before which has resulted in decreasing attention spans. So, if you own an ecommerce business and want online buyers to buy from the brand, they must be able to capture their attention immediately

The Impact Of Digital Advertising On Buyer’s Behaviour

Consumers gain greater insight & awareness as technology enables them to make more informed online judgments

5 Ways Realtors Can Increase Sales Through Digital Marketing

With each new step, a real estate company gains a digital presence and becomes visible to people all over the world

Reasons Small Businesses Should Devote Time to Social Media Marketing

Promoting a small firm was a difficult process, to get their name out there, small-business owners had to hit the streets and go door-to-door, make enormous quantities of cold calls, and rely on unusual guerrilla marketing strategies

The Changed Communication Narrative For The Second Wave

Many brands have stepped ahead and are helping the country to fight the tough oxygen battle during this wave who are using the digital medium to amplify requests from the public