Niranjan Gidwani

Former CEO of Eros Group

Digital Marketing: Seeking Progress Over Perfection

In today’s world, customers are extremely fickle and have limited bandwidth of attention, writes Niranjan Gidwani

A Synopsis Of Broad Consumer Trends

A genuine, emotional connection makes consumers feel respected and appreciated, writes Niranjan Gidwani

B2B-D2C & Its Relevance For Distributors

With the rise of ecommerce and the changing expectations of consumers, many B2B companies, distributors and manufacturers are now embracing D2C strategies to reach customers more effectively

Good Corporate Governance Is Also Great Brand Building

Rising interest rates, supply chain costs and geopolitical situations are going to put tremendous stress on companies across the region, especially those operating with low margins

Technology – Improving Productivity Or Just Providing Lifestyle Experiences

Technological innovation is visible in our children, who spend all day staring at screens, and it's embedded in our stock market, where Apple, Alphabet, Google and Meta compete for the highest valuation of any company on this planet

Upskilling & Reskilling Within The Channel Industry

In an era of multiple and serious disruptions to the labour market -- the pandemic, supply chain changes, the green transition, technological transformation, ageing, geopolitical tensions -- the one best investment is in education, reskilling and upskilling

Technology Trends 2023 & Beyond

Digital transformation truly is a blue ocean opportunity for every company in the technology space, helping improve products, manpower and processes

How To Remain A Holistic Start-Up

The world of start-ups, as we have come to understand it these days, is beginning to gain super momentum and has started to become a mass global movement by itself

B2B ECommerce – Why The Hype

Going back in time, over the last several decades, B2B purchasing was, and has even till recently, been dominated by a generation that has believed in and favored centralised, face-to-face interactions and personal relationships

Digital Transformation - Why The Fear

Digital transformation is not an end destination. It is a non-stop journey