Crafting Immersive Experiences: The Rise Of Virtual Reality

The next frontier involves integrating AI with VR to create even more personalised and adaptive experiences, making every virtual interaction unique to the individual user, writes Rishi Sharma

Elections vs Entertainment: The Battle For Advertiser Attention

The ongoing discussions on data privacy and election integrity are expected to influence how digital platforms are used for advertising during elections, writes Sahil Chopra

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Augmented Reality: A Game-changer For Brands & Consumers Alike

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To Capture Attention, Make (Bold) Entertainment

To win today, brands need to break free from traditional advertising barriers and speak the language of modern culture, says Krishnamurthy

OTT - What's Streaming India?

Regional content production is on the rise, catering to a diverse linguistic audience, which is a unique aspect of the Indian market. This trend is not only attracting domestic players but also global giants who are investing heavily in local content, writes Aroon Kumar

Marketers Gear Up for 2024 Media Planning With Transparency, AI Protection, Data Optimisation

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Innovation, Experiential Strategies To Dominate Sanitary Marketing Trends In 2024

Social media platforms, virtual showrooms and augmented reality applications have become indispensable tools, allowing customers to visualise products before making a purchase