Redefining Consumer Connect Through Digital Transformation, In The Time Of Pandemic

Brands need to realise that while the lockdown may be over, the pandemic certainly isn’t and given this environment ,what’s most important is to retain and win customer trust and loyalty.

The Marketing Metamorphosis: WIP At Tata Mutual Fund

More efforts are being directed in guiding consumers on to digital assets, which are being built more aggressively by organisations, for they want to keep ahead of their Consumers, who have learnt a trick or two faster than the organisation was ready for.

Sectorial Need - Automation And Building Remote Working Environment

To maintain resilience for the future, organizations should adopt an agile approach to strategic workforce planning.

Brand Conversations: Making Greater Festive Gains In 2020

In the context of the scenario building up, here are 5 strategic considerations that could be useful in enhancing festive marketing opportunities:

Embracing Change In The COVID World

With no possible predictive data based on past trends, the winning organisations are the ones who have adapted overnight, kept their nose to the ground and differentiated the critical from the important.

Research And Development Tactics While Launching A Sub-Brand

Strategic research and development have not only helped many companies in investment prospects but also gaining satisfactory results in shorter time duration.

How Various Creative Strategists Have Contributed To The New Normal Through Brainstorming And Ideation!

This rise in digital advertising has fallen mostly on the shoulders of creative strategists, who play a large part in determining what the advertisement looks like to the consumers.

Kurkure & Lay's Kick Off Their Festive Season Campaign, Features Akshay Kumar & Ranbir Kapoor As Brand Ambassadors

Announce a special initiative with Airtel to offer up to 2GB of free data for a super digital experience

Race To eCommerce – Why Everyone Wants To Sell Online?

In recent years India has seen a boom in B2C eCommerce as these online shops are now offering free delivery, massive discounts, all kinds of attractive offers, exchange schemes etc., adding a sense of trust for the customers.

Is Adaptability The Only Refuge For Brands?

The pandemic is expected to create long-term ripples and influence the consumer psychology like never before. It is imperative for marketers to read the change and adapt to this volatility.