The Emergence Of Contactless Customer Journey In A Post-Pandemic World

Brands are focusing on understanding the deep motivations of customers and creating experiences which fulfill the customer’s seen and unseen desires.

Upcoming Festive Season - The Ray Of Light For Fashion Retail

the Indian fashion retail is really upbeat about the upcoming festive season and hoping for skyrocketing sales to mark the recovery path for the industry.

The Rise Of A New World Order, In Mobile Technologies

Today is a golden opportunity for start-ups and smaller companies from emerging countries such as India and others to seize the moment, embrace the Open architecture initiatives in the wireless domain and create a newer eco systems of innovative and cost effective solutions for 5G and beyond.

Facebook For Business

It has emerged as the go-to solution for start-ups and small businesses as the features offered make official Facebook pages work like a website – rather like a brand webpage.

FMCG Sectors To Show An Upward Growth If Planned Effectively During The Indian Festive Season

Tips that can help FMCG companies to create an enhanced growth trajectory this season

Making India Aarogya In Cybersecurity

Many organizations have adopted the new normal and are practising effective cybersecurity force, where cyberattacks impact some of them and most affected are the digital services.

How Are Brands Using Cable TV Platforms To Reach Target Audience During IPL Season?

Television is still the consumers favourite child for family or friends cohesive IPL viewing. It still caters to around 19-20 crore Households in India, out of which more than 60% receive their satellite transmission via Wired Digital Cable Set Top Box (STB).

Retailing In A Covid World

The outbreak of corona has had a significant impact on consumer behavior, product demand, and retail stores, manufacturing plants, and logistics services availability in the retail industry.

How The Beauty And Cosmetics Online Retail Industry Needs To Adapt To The New Normal?

This sharp impact has been attributed to two key reasons: the disruption of existing supply chains and transportation networks, and a decline in product usage due to the home confinement of much of the customer base.

The Power And Magic Of Empathetic Communication

This is an inflection point in the shaping of brand identities. With the pandemic stretching out, brands that stand by their audiences will be built on a foundation of empathy.