Budget 2021 Ramifications: Data Analytics, AI & IoT To Boost Infrastructure

Information is power. Information highways create an equitable and fair power distribution network. Democratizing power through better distribution of information can create scalable designsand, AI can automate the distribution

Trends Competent Of Transforming Consumer Lending In 2021

With new licenses being proposed and new mergers being announced nearly every month, consumer is bound to have more options

RegTech’s Rise Could Be A Watershed Moment In The Way Financial Services Engage With Customers

Banks and Financial institutions operate in a highly regulated environment; these regulations are continuously amended to safeguard the financial systems and various stakeholders, most important of them being the customer.

Five Lessons The Insurance Industry Can Learn From Banks About Video KYC

Banking industry has been an early adopter of vKYC, with RBI approving V-CIP processes back in January 2020, and can provide some templates for Insurers to understand the big opportunities of ‘new’ customer experiences, as well as the potential hurdles that wait ahead.