Exploring Human Centric Leadership Insights From Industry Titans

The panel discussion on 'CMOs On A Hotseat', panellists emphasise on people-centricity, product essence, cultural adaptation, and empathy as pivotal for impactful marketing at the BW Festival of Marketing

World Cup On TV The Strongest Driver Of Business Impact For Advertisers: Experts

The quantum of impact across the funnel from awareness to sales through cricket on TV associations has been significantly high for advertisers across categories, said experts at BW Festival of Marketing

People Would Not Care If 73% Of Brands Disappear: Mohit Joshi

Mohit Joshi, CEO, Havas Media Network India spoke about the ‘me-economy’, brand meaningfulness, and more at the BW Festival of Marketing

Augmented Intelligence, Brand Transparency, Collaboration: BW Festival of Marketing Revisits Marketing ABC

More than 100 top marketers and CEOs took the stage to look at how marketing is transitioning into a growth function with CMOs playing business-centric roles

Transparency and Data Privacy in Evolving Marketing Landscape

Transparency and data privacy took center stage at Festival of Marketing 2023 as experts discussed evolving marketing landscape, emphasising trust, ethical data practices, and employee education

Exploring Landscape Of Marketing In 2023

In 2023 marketing landscape, experts discuss shifts in paradigm, AI impact, and collaborative approach for success at BW Festival of Marketing

Disruptive AI Tools Transform Marketing Landscape

Industry leaders discuss the impact of AI on marketing creativity and strategy, highlighting the need for adaptation and learning

Making Buzzwords Actionable

AI's impact on goods and services debated, evolution and effectiveness of AI discussed, emphasizing practical solutions and consumer experience at the BW Festival of Marketing

Tech Boosts Customer Experience, Opens New Doors Of Growth

Personalised experience allows clients to acquire what they need faster and delivers a better overall experience that keeps them coming back

Experts Discuss Shifting Brand Strategies From Product Focus to Storytelling

Brands shift from product focus to storytelling amid UN's recognition of internet as human right; Experts discuss brand evolution, consumer behaviour, and competitiveness at BW Festival of Marketing