Role Of Technology In Influencers Marketing

This industry has experienced a significant shift in the companies participating in brand collaborations, from creating content by macro-influencers to exploiting the brand value and engagement of micro- and nano-influencers.

How Influencer Marketing Agencies Are Bridging The Gap Between Brands & Influencers

From identifying the right influencers to work with to creating content guidelines and measuring campaign performance, agencies can help brands and influencers work together more effectively and achieve better results from their campaigns

The Evolution of Influencer Marketing: From Authenticity To Automation & Beyond

One of the biggest changes in influencer marketing has been a shift towards authenticity and transparency, writes Prashant Nagar, Founder of DigiWhistle

How PR & Influencer Marketing Go Hand-in-hand To Tackle Brand Crisis

Influencer marketing amplified with effective public relations tactics can be one of the most effective ways to engage consumers in real time

Centre Tightens Disclosure Norms For Social Media Influencers, What Lies Ahead?

The guidelines specify that individuals or groups who have access to an audience and the power to affect their audiences' purchasing decisions or opinions about a product, because of the influencer's or celebrity's authority, knowledge or relationship with their audience, must disclose

ASCI & Futurebrands Launch ‘Wielding Influence, Nurturing Trust’ Study

Study offers a new paradigm of informed trust in the context of influencer marketing

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QYOU USA & Chtrbox Merge Influencer Marketing Operations To Expand Global Capabilities

Glenn Ginsburg, President - QYOU USA to lead global expansion Pranay Swarup and Julie Kriegshaber move to Vice Chairman roles

Pitchfork Partners Creates Specialised Influencer Marketing Divison

Service to be led by well-known influence marketer Sangya Lakhanpal

34% Indians Choose Brands Based On Social Media Influencers' Suggestions: Survey

According to the survey, 32 per cent of respondents spend 2-4 hours each day on social media, compared to 11 per cent who spend 4-6 hours and 11 per cent who spend more than 6 hours