Metaverse Momentum: How The Metaverse Will Reshape India’s Creator Economy

Regulation and ethical frameworks need to be developed to ensure the metaverse remains a safe and inclusive space for all users, writes Vaibhav Gupta

Metaverse and Beyond: The Future of Digital Emergence

The gaming industry was one of the first to adopt many of the concepts underpinning the metaverse, writes Joseph Anantharaju, Executive Vice Chairman & CEO – Product Engineering Services, Happiest Minds Technologies

70% Of Business Executives Plan To Integrate The Metaverse Into Their Organisational Activities: PwC India Report

63% of companies that are actively engaged with the metaverse expect to fully embed it within a year

Lifebuoy Launches Hygiene Drive ‘Gift Of The Ganga’ In The Metaverse

To collect plastic waste & build handwash stations in under-served schools

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Let's have a look at the conversation with the CEO of Bagzone on the brand strategy and plan for 2023

Disney Gets Ready To Launch Its Metaverse In India: Reports

The metaverse platform will be named as Starverse and it is expected to debut around IPL 2023

A Full-scale Metaverse Vision Is Probably 10 Years away: Report

The potential of Metaverse use-cases is beginning to reflect in the proliferation of POCs across sectors, even though a slowdown may be predicted given the macroeconomic backdrop

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As the metaverse is predicted to be the future of social media, businesses are moving quickly to plan out new marketing initiatives; brands have the chance to reach a larger audience, leave a digital footprint and even increase their revenue by engaging in metaverse marketing