Why Are Brands Driving Into NFTs?

The rapid evolution of the internet of things(IoT) has made possible the most exciting digital development that has paved the way for the emergence of new forms of assets called the NFTs( non-fungible tokens). NFTs have become increasingly popular with unprecedented profits, reinvention of asset ownership and creation of virtual communities from different parts of the world

How Influencer Marketing Agencies Are Bridging The Gap Between Brands & Influencers

From identifying the right influencers to work with to creating content guidelines and measuring campaign performance, agencies can help brands and influencers work together more effectively and achieve better results from their campaigns

Marketing With Chatbots: Why They Are The Future

Here are a few reasons why chatbots are becoming an essential part of marketing strategies in India

Sustainable Marketing In India: How Well Do Brands Listen To Consumers?

The impact of sustainability and social-conscious business practices on future generations and especially on the most vulnerable and underserved communities cannot be underscored enough, there is ample empirical evidence today to suggest that an approach to marketing with sustainability at its heart can have a significant impact on brand equity and consumer behavior

How Brands Are Investing Significantly Less In Advertising And More In On-ground Activities

The ability of a company to reach out to new customers is one of its primary advantages in the escalating engagement space, and improving products based on customer feedback is a great way to do that

Brands Celebrate Love; Comes Up With Innovative Valentine's Day Campaign

Let's have a look at some of the campaigns that various brands have come up with this Valentine's Day

Hyperlocal Marketing - New Talk Of The Town

Hyperlocal businesses in India are mostly supported by technology and have been successful in linking a wide variety of local businesses with customers in the hyperlocal market; It is popular since it links buyers and vendors who are local to them

How Brands Altering Their Marketing Strategies In Response To The Modern Age

Brands aren't afraid to go all out when it comes to designing and innovating fascinating and attention-grabbing films. There's an underlying rivalry among brands to create the year's largest, most imaginative standout campaign

Working With Social Media Influencers: Why It Works & How To Do It

Influencers hold the power to attract the audience with their catchy and unique content which ultimately helps the brand to fetch sales of their goods, products, or services

Leveraging The Rise Of Virtually Generated Influencers To Your Advantage

In a survey on virtual influencers, The Influencer Marketing Factory found out 58 per cent of users followed at least one virtual influencer; 27 per cent of users followed virtual influencers for their content, 19 per cent for the storytelling, and 15 per cent because they inspired them and 35 per cent of responders said they have bought a product or service promoted by a virtual influencer