The Evolution Of Digital Advertising: Navigating Trends & Technologies

With advanced techniques, advertisers are gaining the power to specifically customise their banners depending on the user’s demographics, interests and behaviour, says Baradhwaaj

Digital Advertising In A Cookieless World

The deprecation of cookies presents an opportunity for marketers and adtech providers to take long-term steps towards privacy-safe digital advertising

Is Your Team Up To Speed With How Quickly Digital Advertising Is Evolving?

Business organisations—including digital marketing agencies—have begun to use cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and deep learning. Here are a few measurements that advertising brands have started to incorporate

Radio Anticipates To Account For 14% Of Advertising Spending In Q1 2023: Report

Digital Advertising (9.24), Public Relations (9.08), and Digital Search (8.84) are the top three sectors where Significant Momentum Increase in marketing expenditures were suggested

Forecasts For Global Ad Spend Decline By $90 Bn: Report

Highlighting the digital advertising spent, the report said that the investment in digital advertising is now at the start of a new phase of slower growth

Advertising Market Expects Growth By 6-8% In 2023: Report

It is anticipated that this robust ecosystem of 2.5 -3 million producers will support marketing expenditures of USD 2.8 to 3.5 billion

Power, Performance & Possibilities: The CTV Advertiser Landscape In India

CTV audiences are young, urban adults who actively engage with a range of platforms and apps, this means the audience is digitally savvy, with high expectations for video performance

Global DOOH Ad Market To Reach $14.3 Bn By 2028: Report

The rise in urban population and economic development are contributing to the growing demand with money spent on advertising steadily increasing

2.3X Increase In Digital Advertising: TAM AdEx

According to TAM AdEx Digital Advertising Quarterly Report for Jan.-Mar.'22, ecommerce-financial services was the new entrant in the top 10 categories, even if the Software category dominated in Jan-Mar

Indian Digital Media To Grow By 30% In 2022: dentsu-e4m Report

The highest proportion of spends on digital media has been claimed by social media (29%, Rs 6,218 crore)