Ecommerce Biz Employing Real-time Personalisation See 7x More Purchases: Report

Alongside, ecommerce businesses that leveraged use-case-based personalisation strategies saw 6x more purchases than the industry average

Twinings & Interactive Avenues Elevate Ecommerce Presence In India

The agency will handle their ecommerce business, including strategy, content creation, media activation, catalogue management, and more

BW Businessworld's Latest Issue On Ecommerce Sector Explores Amazon's Customised Playbook For India

The issue looks at how Amazon is building on its 10-year legacy in India to create solutions that impact its global growth and the larger ecommerce sector itself

Cross Border Ecommerce Needs A Strategic Push

The key to a successful shopping-to-shipping experience for consumers relies heavily on a deep understanding of consumer behaviour, writes Niranjan Gidwani

Augmented Reality: Creating A Digital Space For Ecommerce

Augmented reality companies have radicalised the way products are presented, marketed, and perceived in the digital landscape thanks to their capacity to enthrall users and improve the overall e-commerce experience, writes Saurav Bhaik

How Technology Can Help Ecommerce During Inflation?

With the help of advanced shipping software, you can implement AI/ML algorithms to your advantage. This software allows you to automate your carrier selection and shipping process with multiple carriers

D2C Is Solus-, Not Omni-channel

The D2C offering must be available only through the platform, not everywhere and anywhere. Those who discover the joy of D2C solus get focussed, repeat & deep revenues, says Harish Bijoor, Business & Brand-strategy expert & Founder, Harish Bijoor Consults Inc. in this conversation with BW. Excerpts:

How AI Will Drive The Online Commerce Space For Content In 2023

What you can’t do at speed, scale and precision, AI can, and for a human brain that has its own set of restrictions

Hyperlocal Marketing - New Talk Of The Town

Hyperlocal businesses in India are mostly supported by technology and have been successful in linking a wide variety of local businesses with customers in the hyperlocal market; It is popular since it links buyers and vendors who are local to them

Meesho's Campaign Reinforces Its Positioning As Horizontal Ecommerce Platform

The campaign urges people to overcome their limitations and fulfill their aspirations through the platform’s wide variety of quality products