Budweiser Collaborates With Influencers Unveiling Reality Of Content Creation

Budweiser Beats energy drink collaborates with Niharika NM & Srushti Tawade, giving viewers an inside scoop on what goes on behind-the- scenes with creators on the gram

Vulgarity In The Name Of Creativity Can Not Be Tolerated, Says I&B Minister Anurag Thakur

The government is serious about the complaints of increasing abusive and obscene content on OTT platforms. If there is a need to make any changes in the rules regarding this, the ministry is willing to consider that, he adds

D2C Brands & Influencer Non-disclosures Push Personal Care To Top 3 Violative Sectors: ASCI

Sharp and focused suo-moto surveillance by ASCI in the digital space using AI-based technology results in an expanded surveillance footprint

Disclosure Guidelines For Creators Have Become More Stricter: CCPA

Influencers or celebrities should be able to back up any statements they make in advertisements

Davos Summit: Youtuber Prajakta Kohli To Provide WEF's Inside Coverage

The WEF annual meeting will be covered by some of the "most exciting and socially conscious digital innovators" in the world, who will also aid in drawing attention to important topics

Video Storytelling: Driving Brands' Success

Video storytelling is a boon for brands as visuals elicit emotions and influence consumers' decision-making. It can also help brands establish themselves as industry thought leaders, giving them an edge over their competitors

Creator Economy 2023: A Symphony Of Brands & Influencers

The year 2022 has been a catalyst for the creators and the brands who invested in them. With increase in the social media traffic, the creators gained a strong foothold in the market

Major Throwback: Headlines That Shook Internet In 2022

Here’s a wrap of the biggest news of the ever evolving market and media business sector

Leveraging The Rise Of Virtually Generated Influencers To Your Advantage

In a survey on virtual influencers, The Influencer Marketing Factory found out 58 per cent of users followed at least one virtual influencer; 27 per cent of users followed virtual influencers for their content, 19 per cent for the storytelling, and 15 per cent because they inspired them and 35 per cent of responders said they have bought a product or service promoted by a virtual influencer

Bloggers, Vloggers, Influencers & Podcasters - Is Content Delivery On Varied Platforms Overlapping?

Digital consumers are of two types, one is looking for an immersive experience and another one has a preference