Marketing Strategies For Staffing Companies In The Era Of New-age Platforms

It needs to play a pivotal part in educating the market and stakeholders and helping them understand the value of moving to a value-additional mindset

Bisleri's 2024 Marketing Blueprint - Hydration, Sustainability, Global Growth

Bisleri's Head of Marketing, Tushar Malhotra shares exclusive insights with BW Marketing World on the company's 2024 marketing strategy, emphasising sports associations, sustainability, global expansions and more

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ROI-driven marketing is not merely about spending less; it is about investing intelligently to generate quantifiable results

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Uber is experiencing rapid growth with its effective use of emotional marketing, strategic partnerships, and a strong dedication to safety, which has led to great customer loyalty and market development

How Brand Diageo Is Leveraging Cannes Film Festival

Former Miss World, Manushi Chhillar, Chef Prateek Sadhu and musician Mahesh Raghvan to promote progressive creators with real life stories representing the alcobev brand, Diageo India

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The pandemic has changed the dynamics of marketing and pushed for the re-invention of strategies

Digital Strategy In A Post-COVID World

A digital strategy created with a design-centric approach will focus more on the end consumer and also helps in getting a real-time understanding of how suppliers, competitors and channel partners are dealing with the crisis.

Digital Revolution Leading The Path For Industry Revival

73% advertisers have either modified or developed new assets out of which 53% have robustly increased their messaging highlighting the company mission.