Excel Awards Celebrates Outstanding Achievements In Communication & PR

BW Marketing World Excel Awards applauds over a 100 noteworthy achievements in communication strategy, media relations and crisis management in the Indian PR and corporate communication industry

Corporate Communications In An Insurance Company: An External Comms/PR Perspective

It's essential to know that a large crisis, if not well handled on the PR front can bring down a brand, no matter how big or reputed it might be, writes Nikhil Bharadwaj

The Role Of AI In Public Relations: Uncovering The Pros & Cons

AI plays a crucial role in crisis management by monitoring social media and news platforms in real-time, alerting PR professionals to potential crises and facilitating prompt responses, writes Anindita Gupta

WOW Skin Science Partners With Adfactors PR To Manage PR Initiatives

The agency will bolster WOW Skin Science's market positioning and create buzz for upcoming product launches

From Noise To Notice: How PR & Advertising Drive Brand Visibility

In a world where consumers are constantly bombarded with information, investing in PR and advertising is not just a choice but a necessity, writes Jhanvi Soni

Leverage Power Of PR In Building Brand Equity

Equity of a brand refers to the overall value and perception that a brand holds in the minds of its customers, the potential target audience and with the overall public especially in its business geography

Advertising, PR Jobs Grabs The Highest Demand For Talent: Report

The only city to experience double-digit annual growth is Ahmedabad (+14%), thanks to increased demand in certain areas of the advertising, media relations, and entertainment industries

Radio Anticipates To Account For 14% Of Advertising Spending In Q1 2023: Report

Digital Advertising (9.24), Public Relations (9.08), and Digital Search (8.84) are the top three sectors where Significant Momentum Increase in marketing expenditures were suggested

PR Done Right For Startups - A How-to Guide

If done correctly, public relations can be that powerful marketing strategy that works in most cases

The Blurring Lines Between PR & Influencer Marketing

In coming times, a more defined format can be predicted within these two and this for sure has brought exciting challenges within the PR industry