Power of Social Media: Revolutionising Marketing Strategies & Embracing Artificial Intelligence

Micro-influencers, with their niche following and high engagement rates, have proven particularly effective in reaching specific segments of the market, writes Ruhani Mann

The Integration Of AI & Web 3.0 Into Influencer Marketing

Artificial intelligence in influencer marketing has the potential to help uncover efficient marketing channels of influence, writes Sumit Gupta

The Next Big Thing In Social Media

It will be in a concerted effort by the many to protect their time, peace and privacy

Leveraging The Power Of Social Media To Drive Purpose

The two key purposes of social media are: establishing connections and reconnecting with loved ones and impacting a larger audience for a greater cause

The Evolution Of Selfies

It is not just a new form of self-expression but also a way for millions of individuals to showcase their talent, creativity, and experiences

Brand Secrets For Standing Out In A Cluttered Social Media Space

To stand out in the social media saturation, brands should continually measure their Performance, understand the insight behind their user mindset and preferences and always keep on working towards creating content that creates a connection

Driving Engagement On Social Media While Maintaining Creativity

Although engagement should not be the only objective of organic content, the positive momentum that brands can achieve from sustained healthy engagement is essential

Changing Lives & Living Through Social Media: An Advertiser’s Lens

Social media began as a tool to stay connected with friends and family while discovering and networking with people across the world. Today, this is the tool that has shaped how society as a whole operates