How Life Is Changing For Crayons Post SME Board Listing

Chairman Kunal Lalani's vision drives Crayons Advertising's tech-infused success and future market dominance in 2024

Personalisation, Gen AI Transforms Consumer Connections

In the era of advanced technology, brands navigate the balance between personalised experiences and consumer privacy, as gen AI and data-driven personalisation take centre stage to meet the expectations of always online, Gen Z

A Cultural Shift Catalysed By Technology

The mingling of technology with Gen Z is driving a bigger cultural movement that demands a reevaluation of how businesses approach creativity, authenticity, and ethical considerations

The Big Believer

Blackberry’s Aman Grover is an ardent believer in hard work and persistence driving success stories

Technology Trends To Rule 2024

Gidwani believes that sustainable tech, increase in computing power and gen AI will stand as the most dominating trends in the coming year

Global Disruptions Influencing Consumer Behaviour: Nikhil Mathur, GfK

Brands must be relevant and engage Gen Z, with price being a key determinant to win the game

Intel Partners With Carat & 91mobiles Intercepting Laptop Buyer Behaviour

The campaign aims to dominate the laptop market in 2023 with an innovative approach, leveraging 3D webpages and gamer-centric content hub

Lenovo's New Ad Campaign Highlights Smarter Tech Experience

The campaign emphasises features like smart login and durability, with a specific focus on Gen Z and millennials

The Oomph In OOH Advertising

The integration of creativity and technology is propelling OOH advertising into a new era of audience engagement, altering the rules of advertising

Martech Tools Shaping Real Estate Industry

Use of popular marketing trends like AI and chatbots, 3D virtual tours, and videos and blogs for real-time engagement with potential buyers