Twitter Has About 2,300 Employees: Elon Musk

A number of changes were made to Twitter's organisation and products shortly after Musk took over the company in October

Android Users Can Now Get Twitter Blue Subscriptions

Mobile-only features include the ability to customise the navigation bar and the Reader feature, which simplifies long threads for a better reading experience

An Overview of Twitter's Ad Revenue Losses in the Final Months of 2022

In the three months that concluded on 30 June, Twitter reported a loss of USD 270 million on around USD 1.18 billion in total sales

Over 500 Top Advertisers Left Twitter In About Three Months

A top Twitter manager informed staff that the company's daily revenue on Tuesday (January 17) was 40 per cent lower than it was on the same day a year earlier

Twitter Rolls Out Annual Subscription Plan 

Elon Musk, a multibillionaire, bought Twitter for USD 44 billion last year, and since then, the firm has undergone modifications

Twitter Intends To Make Further Layoffs: Report

The company's headcount might drop to under 2,000 following the layoffs

Twitter Will Provide Free Advertising Space: Report

The IT company is attempting to match marketers' ad expenditures of up to USD 250,000

Twitter To Allow Political Ads On Its Platform

The company said in a tweet that it will relax its ban on "cause-based commercials" in the United States

Social Media Wrap-Up: The Year’s Latest Updates For Brands & Creators

The following are the most significant updates for brands and creators in 2022

MIT Scholar Shiva Ayyadurai, Youtuber MrBeast Expresses Their Desire To Lead Twitter

Until he finds a suitable replacement, Elon Musk intends to remain in that position