Meta's WhatsApp To Disrupt Communication Norms With New Features?

Striking the right balance between simplicity and innovation, WhatsApp's transformative features reshape communication dynamics, posing challenges for competitors

India Is Leading The World In Terms Of How People & Businesses Have Embraced Messaging: Mark Zuckerberg

At the company's second Annual Conversations conference, hosted in India, Mark Zuckerberg, Founder and CEO of Meta also unveils 'Meta Verified' for businesses and new messaging features

Ranveer Singh & WhatsApp Partner To Promote Message Privacy

The entertaining video featuring Singh educates people on the importance of private and secure messaging with simple privacy features on WhatsApp

Gateway of India Turns Green With WhatsApp’s Anamorphic Installations

WhatsApp introduced new privacy initiative showcasing an immersive 3D anamorphic installation at the Gateway of India highlighting the various layers of protection and privacy controls that WhatsApp offers

Whatsapp Launches ‘Stay Safe With Whatsapp’ Campaign To Educate Users On Online Safety

The three-month-long campaign will focus on educating users about WhatsApp’s in-built product features and safety tools

Wow! Momo Introduces End-to-end Food Ordering On WhatsApp

This enables the customers to order their momos within the WhatsApp chat

The Good Glamm Group Launches Good Communities In Alliance With WhatsApp

The alliance will offer the Good Glamm Group dedicated support on WhatsApp Communities, as well as access to new tools and features that will help further scale the Group’s reach and impact

Users Can Soon Transfer WhatsApp Data Using QR Codes

The feature will provide users with a quick & simple way to transfer their conversation history to a new Android phone without first backing up their communications to Google Drive

IT Minister Criticises WhatsApp For Displaying India's Incorrect Map

Rajeev Chandrasekhar took to Twitter and said, “All platforms that do business in India and/or want to continue to do business in India , must use correct maps"

WhatsApp Rolls Out New Features For Its Users

Like Instagram and Facebook, avatars can be created by users and placed as their profile photos